April 1st, 2019

Keynote Presentation  Dr. Michael Corbett
Session “A” Connecting Parents, Caregivers and the Community in the Journey of Student Voice
  Supporting Mental Health in South East Cornerstone
  Creating Caring Schools
  Building a First Nations Education System from the Ground Up
  The Role of the Teaching Principal
  Educational Tools, Resources and Supports
  Supporting Student Success
  What is the Shared Vision for Young Learners in the Your Community?
Session “B” It Takes a Community to Educate a Child – Class of 2030 Project
  a)   The Influence of School Leadership Practices on Culturally Responsible Pedagogy for Newcomer Students

b)   Educational Leadership Effect on Teachers Motivation and Performance in Selected Educational Organizations in Jamaica 

  Leading to Learn Initiative
 The Restorative Action Program (RAP)
No Missed Opportunities: Addressing Issues in Teacher Hiring
 Child Injury Prevention – Taking Action for the Health and Well-being of Children
   School Community Councils: An Exchange on Effective Practices
Teaching Treaties in the Classroom
Session “C”  Leading in Risky Times: Implementing and Advancing Enterprise Risk Management
 Learning with Pride, Learning Together: Welcoming Gender & Sexual Diversity in Schools
 Principal Professional Learning Community – Building Rural Leadership Capacity
 Cornerstone of a Community
Achieving High Academic and Social Behaviour Outcomes in a First Nations School through PBIS: A Journey Reconciliation
Session “D” The Challenges for a Rural School Board
School Leaders Journeying Towards Cross-Cultural Competency
Following Their Voices – Our Story
a)   Understanding Leadership as Practice in a Rural Saskatchewan School

b)   Rural Students Walking on Eggshells at Large Universities – A Study on the Perceived Cost to Engage in Diversity Conversations

  Métis Education: Past, Present, Future
  Are School Community Councils Realizing their Mandate
Keynote Presentation Conversations with Elders and Youth: Hearing Their Wisdom, Creating the Future