Cornerstone of a Community

Kerri Levelton, Principal, Port Edward Community School                                                                           Irene LaPierre, Superintendent School District No. 52 Prince Rupert                                                BRITISH COLUMBIA

PROGRAM SUMMARY:  Port Edward Community School is a unique Kindergarten to Grade 5 school with 13 students which is situated 15 kms outside of Prince Rupert, British Columbia.

Rather than close their community school, the Municipality of Port Edward decided to build a school attached to their municipal building with shared spaces of a full size kitchen and gymnasium.

In spite of its small size, the school offers the Sm’algyax Language, drumming and after-school programs. The students regularly attend a “sister” school in Prince Rupert and share some of the services.

We are committed to supporting the cornerstone of Port Edward with innovative ideas and meaningful connections for students, family and community.


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