Leading in Risky Times: Implementing and Advancing Enterprise Risk Management

Lori Jeschke, Director/CEO                                                                                                                                          Bob Bayles, Deputy Director of People and Finance, CFO, Prairie Spirit School Division                George Janzen, Trustee Prairie Spirit School Division                                                                SASKATCHEWAN

PROGRAM SUMMARY:  How do we decide if ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) would support our school division?  How can we implement ERM with no disruption to and supportive of programs and goals? And how do we determine and demonstrate value and positive cultural changes from a focus on ERM?

Take part in an interactive multiyear reflective journey considering, implementing, and leveraging ERM both at the board table and with senior administration.  Come prepared to hear and share promising practices, theoretical underpinnings, and practical resources, tools, and techniques.

Specific school division ERM resources including documents, processes, and ready to use templates, will be discussed and available as take-aways.

Pragmatic and theoretical informed discussions will focus on effective implementation and maturation of ERM programs. Practical ideas and supportive journal articles will provision you and your efforts to direct and protect your division.


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