May 30th

The Forks and Welcome Feast

First Day (11 of 43)

We arrived in Winnipeg and after settling in at the hotel we decided to venture out to the Forks.

On our journey we came to the sculpture that was erected in loving memory of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls of Canada. The monument was created to be placed by the Red River in The Forks, where most women are found.

Thousands of women are still missing and there are many murdered, we look to this monument as a chance to bring awareness to remember those who left us too soon. It’s place where the public can learn about this topic and where families can remember their loved ones.


Today was the first day of the Imagine a Canada conference. The event officially began at the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation. Their were representatives from every province and territory, and introductions were given by the director of the Centre and other individuals.
At times it was quite emotional, the seriousness of the topics at hand understood by everyone in the room. Despite the heavy subject matter, their was a feeling of strength from the elders and residential school survivors in the room. Lastly their was the feeling of hope as the room was full of future leaders, from kindergarten to grade twelve.
At the end of the day everyone was excited to get into the meat of the conference tomorrow.
If I learned anything it’s that the future of reconciliation is a good one.